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Looking for a Product Photographer? 10 Questions to Ask

Web based entrepreneurs know too well the importance of aesthetics in product images. With the lack of touch, smell and taste as with visiting a physical store, online buyers have developed a visual culture upon which they base their judgement about a commodity. In fact, an irresistibly striking snapshot often leads to impulse buying.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Apple MacBook Pro

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Just as the visual display of the merchandise is core to the business so is the product photographer. A strong emphasis must be placed on the selection of the photographer because they determine the final look of the images. Quality of the work aside, there are factors such as budget and turn around time to consider. In a nutshell, a meticulous process must be followed to ensure you pair up with the right professionals for your wares photography. To ensure you are both on the right page, here are ten pertinent issues that your would be product photography expert must address first before you say yes.

#1 What is the process?

It is important that the process outline is explained with clarity from how you the client begins initiating a quote request to the final output delivery by the firm and everything in between. This will help you know the sequence of events, requirements and expectations.

#2 What is the turn around time?

What could be more devastating than to order photos for a sale intended for christmas, easter or whatever festivity only for them to be delivered past the dates and being almost useless? Your photographer must be able to state their expected turn around time with a guarantee or at least approximate with complete accuracy for proper planning.

#3 What exactly am I paying for?

This is a critical part of selection. Knowing what is included and excluded in the price. You should be made aware of the exact services you are paying for to avoid disappointment. Important points normally overlooked only to raise issues later are; acceptable number of re-shoot requests, product shipping fees and photo editing inclusions. Be sure to ask as many questions here as per your needs without making any assumptions.

#4 How will the photos be delivered?

There are multiple ways of storing and delivering visual data. Be sure the format and mode of delivery is suitable for you. Most photographers are however flexible here.

#5 Do you shoot on location?

Not all photographers are able to shoot at a clients preferred location and it is thus necessary to find out their extent of mobility.

#6 What about designing shoot sets?

Some firms do only white and grey background product studio shoots. Other go the extra mile to put together a shoot set as per clients desires or even incorporating their own design and layout creativity as an inclusive service or at a fee. That is something worth discussing.

#7 Are there exceptions to the type of products acceptable?

Each photographer has their own product policy. They may be doing strictly clothing, or a variety of items ranging from food to beauty shots. Other do not accept certain products maybe due to size or what the product represents or is associated with. Ensure you are candid and detailed about your line and industry.

#8 What is the payment policy?

When do you pay and what method is preferred? Cheque? Credit card? Is it full payment before the shoot, a down-payment before the shoot or full payment after the shoot?

#9 What type of editing is included in the price?

Editing is pretty wide. From cropping to resizing, aspect ration, blemish removal, tint softening, clipping path, special effects and so on. Some basic editing is expected as part of the plan. However, in depth editing may be a separate service on its own. Your product photographer must come clear about this.

#10 Can I get a trial shoot?

A sample shoot is not guaranteed though it is standard procedure by most photography professionals who care about their customer service. Usually its about one trial photo or so but this should not be assumed. It doesn’t hurt to ask and it is a great way to obtain piece of mind.

At royal london photography services we strive to be as candid as possible and address each of these issues when dealing with our first time clients. Talk to us to learn more about what we do. Or, visit our Amazon clients**** section first to see our success journey.

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