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After sending images to the client for proof with watermark, we will only accept 2 requests for changes. Once we receive client’s payment and send them the final approved images, the project is deemed complete. A refund is not eligible at this point. Any additional alterations or re-shoot requests there after will be charged accordingly.


You may not use or proof watermark photos before payment clears. Our clients photos are copyright with one of the British copyright company. Any use or publishing of the photos before payment clears constitutes copyright infringement and is liable for punitive action.

When the order is completed, we will ship back the products at the client’s own cost. It is important to provide us with the shipping fees and address during or after the project if you would like the products returned to you. You can also mention if you do not want the product(s) returned.

In the event that products remain in our possession for a period of 3 months without the client taking any responsibility in facilitating return shipping, we shall consider them unwanted by the client and therefore donate the products to charity.

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