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Upgrading your Product Photography Equipment


When is the right time?

Photographers get attached to their gear just as band members do their intruments. For such, upgrading is almost always out of the question. Nonetheless, it is inevitable. At some point in time, product photography equipment has to be replaced.

Recommended Equipment for product photography shot

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Canon EF 100 mm

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Canon EF 24-70 mm

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Apple MacBook Pro

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Adjustable Reflector Stand

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Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector

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Display Table Background Board

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Professional Aluminum DSLR Video Overhead Camera Tripod

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Walimex Pro Tavola shooting table

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Flash Photography Lighting Kit

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019

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Photo Mannequin Ghost Model

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Motorized Rotating Display

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Before looking at when is the best time to do it, let’s highlight some of the wrong reasons to upgrade.

1.     Keeping up with the trends

Upgrading your gear for the latest release is neither prudent nor a financially sane move. Newer models will crop up faster than your bank account can keep up. What’s more, the differences are rarely that huge. The question to ask yourself is, what is it bringing to the table? Is it adding any value to my photography? If it’s some minor additional features that you can do just fine without, then you probably do not need it.

2.   To better your photography skills

Another misconception is that upgrading your devices makes you a better photographer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you lack the flair, creativity and a deep understanding of photography fundamentals, even the best product photography equipment in the top shelf range can not save you. A mastery of photography concepts, controls and settings is what directly influences the outcome of a shoot regardless the equipment at hand. Until you can produce the best outcome with what you already possess, an upgrade is not necessary.


That said, here are some valid reasons to acquire that brand new device beckoning you.

3 reasons to upgrade your photography equipment

  1. A change in your needs such that your current equipment cannot handle projects effectively. It could be a widening scope of the workload. Perhaps a shift in the type of product photography because each kind works best with special kind of lens. If the equipment is no longer a good fit, it is that time.
  2. Levelling up calls for an upgrade, assuming standard equipment was being utilized at entry level to get a grasp of things. Once knowledgeable and ready for higher challenges of advanced features, new equipment becomes a necessity.
  3. With time tear and wear weighs down an equipment. Accidents happen too. Bringing us to the most obvious and outright necessary need for an upgrade -damage and deterioration. Faulty part or whole of the equipment such that it is rendered useless or hampers quality of frames calls for letting go of repair is not a viable option.

Helpful tips for your upgrade decision

Camera components particularly lenses are the prime equipment in photography. Ensure you are well rounded and knowledgeable of the different types of cameras amd lenses, their functionality, both manual and auto modes and how to manipulate the settings really well before diving into a full featured gear.

Invest heavily on the lenses and less on the camera body. You wont need to upgrade lenses if cared for well and they are most critical to product photography. As for the body, newer irresistible models turn up every now and then. Lenses can be used interchangeably on a single camera body.

Prioritize your needs. Think about what is essential to product photography and focus on it. Lenses, lighting and reflectors must be top on the list. Other equipment that is not pertinent may be compromised on quality or even improvised.

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